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How Do I Learn Event Temple?

Event Temple is designed to be easy to learn and use, but we still recommend taking some training to ensure you get started off on the right foot. Therefore we offer our online University to learn through videos

University For Hotels
University For Venues

University for Hotels is for organizations such as hotels, resorts & other accommodation providers who will be using our Group functionality.

If you will not be using Groups, please select University for Venues

Unlike many legacy software programs that came before us, Event Temple allows system admins to manage almost everything about your set up - change the look of your Documents, add new fields to store data and manage users, at anytime.

We recommend having a single or small number of users dedicated to be a System Admin for Event Temple. Your System Admin is the person who will setup your account so that it is ready to go for all of your users.

If you are a Chain with multiple organizations or Hotel Management Company, we recommend you have a System Admin User for the entire chain as well as one at each property.

Within Event Temple University is a course specifically for System Admins which outlines everything you'll need to get your team set up for success.

System Admins
Set up & Customize your Account

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Event Temple offers a complete online Help Center that contains a live, up-to-date library of frequently asked questions and answers.

Reach out to our friendly team is via chat support. You can access chat by logging into Event Temple or via our Help Center. You can email us at support@eventtemple.com

System Admin Manual

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